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"Local historians regularly included an Indian presence woven into the landscape, especially in the form of retained Indian place-names and in an interest in Indian relics and remains... yet selective retention of Indian place-names also highlighted…

"Indians paid tribute to places of historical significance by creating piles of stones and other materials, adding to them when they passed them and pausing to tell stories that had happened at those places."

"Through plays like Metamora, white Americans came to define themselves in relation to an imagined Indian past. The definition, however, required that there be no Indians in the present, or at least not anywhere nearby

"The negation of indigenous views of history was a critical part of asserting colonial ideology, partly because such views were regarded as clearly "primitive" and "incorrect" and mostly because they challenged and resisted the mission of…

"We know that antiquity exists, but we prefer to tell the old stories as though they happened yesterday. I've seen this consistently happen in my family. My grandmother told stories that were centuries old with my grandfather in them. The immediacy…