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Items in the Conflict Collection

"Wars are typically scripted as savage and heathen, initiated by furious assaults by Indians on innocent settlers"."

"The clouds of fearful refugeeism that encircled any Indian attacks were astoundingly extensive, both in time - usually most people were driven into hiding in the towns for at least six to either weeks in their wake, with significant numbers staying…

"If most of the country people did not literally move into forts, their presence turned even country towns - both physically and psychologically - into armed camps with terrified, bristlings, perimeters"

"The story of [Deerfield] reverberates with drama and violence."

"The town that began to rebuild in the 1680s [after years of battles] was crushed by the devastating French and Indian attack of February 29, 1704. Although Deerfield was not abandoned this time, the losses were staggering: three-fifths of the…