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"The lofty bearing and noble demeanor of the primitive Indians are gone, and nothing is left but the abject and debased exterior of the red man."

"The central story line of the colonial past for New Englanders involved the heroic overcoming of the savage foe" in a valiant struggle to make the wilderness "blossom as the rose," a phrase that is repeatedly invoked as the metaphor for subduing the…

"Local historians regularly included an Indian presence woven into the landscape, especially in the form of retained Indian place-names and in an interest in Indian relics and remains... yet selective retention of Indian place-names also highlighted…

"The people who gathered at Deerfield in 1735 [for the Deerfield Conference] represented reconfigured Native space... they would eat together" and attempt to create a "kettle of peace"."

"The untutored Indian had no skill in letters, possessed rude specimens of handicraft and a few implements."